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Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to exercise your civic duty to learn about our County Government and the people we, as voters, selected to oversee and manage our local government.

Like you, we want them managing our County government in an honest manner to impartially provide the services we expect and demand.

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Don’t be afraid to sign the petitions.  Government Code §6253.5 provides that the recall petitions: “shall not be deemed to be public records and shall not be open to inspection except by the public officer or public employees who have the duty of receiving, examining or preserving the petitions.”

joe harn breaks law will DA vern pierson prosecute


Who We Are:

We are ordinary people like you who are disgusted with the corruption in our local County government. For years corruption in several forms has been hurting innocent people in El Dorado County California. For example, several elected officials have rigged the County payroll and retirement system to pump-up their retirements and take home hundreds of thousands of extra dollars in non-performance bonuses in addition to their excessive six-figure salaries. While protecting his pals, the District Attorney has wasted millions of your hard earned tax dollars on failed prosecutions of innocent residents for self- aggrandizing publicity and/or punishing political enemies. Recently, the 2014-15 El Dorado County Civil Grand Jury recommended that the District Attorney convene a Criminal Grand Jury to investigate and prosecute the County Auditor-Controller for felonies and official duty misdemeanors he has committed which, by law, would automatically remove him from office. Predictable, the District Attorney has refused to prosecute the County Auditor-Controller because the two are political allies.

Disgusted with this corrupt behavior, scores of County residents including many innocent victims have joined together to form the non-partisan political action committee Neighbors Against Corruption to educate our neighbors and recall from office the worst violators of our public trust- District Attorney Vern Pierson and Auditor-Controller Joe Harn.


What Is A Recall From Office?

We live in a representative republic. We use elections to hire a small number of our neighbors every four years to supervise and manage various functions of our Federal, State, and local governments. Unfortunately, some of these neighbors we elect behave or perform so badly that they should be fired, just like any other disastrous employee. Fortunately, Division 11, Chapter 1 of the California Elections Code provides us with a recall process which allows us the opportunity to fire these disastrous elected officials. Under our State’s recall process, a petition requesting an election to recall an official elected to county-wide office, like the District Attorney or Auditor-Controller, signed by 10% of the County’s registered voters triggers a recall election (10, 626 in El Dorado County). If the majority of voters then vote to recall that official we once elected, he or she is immediately removed from office – successfully fired.

Why We Chose Recall Instead of Waiting until 2018

img_20130520_131706Corrupt practices and bad behavior are costing our County millions of dollars.

  1. First, while the County is fighting the release of it’s legal payments to outsourced defense lawyers, long time observers of County government estimate the direct cost to the County of defending lawsuits created by the misdeeds of District Attorney Vern Pierson and Auditor-Controller Joe Harn has exceeded one million dollars.
  2. Second, the cost to the County in staff time and courtroom expense in failed bad faith and malicious prosecutions of innocent citizens has exceeded another million dollars.
  3. Third, innocent families and businesses have been forced to spend their life savings fighting bad faith and malicious prosecutions initiated by the District Attorney and/or the Auditor-Controller.
  4. Fourth, local businesses and special districts (including fire protection districts) have had to wait numerous months or even years to receive money legally owed them for completed work or for special districts to have their duly authorized bills paid by the Auditor-Controller (in felony violation of State law).
  5. Fifth, the Auditor-Controller and District Attorney have taken over $600,000 in additional money over and above their publicly advertised six-figure salaries.  So we chose to initiate this recall now instead of waiting until 2018 – to both save our County money and do the right thing.

Should We “Fire” Auditor-Controller Joe Harn?


joe harn

Joe Harn

After investigating charges of misconduct committed by Joe Harn, the 2014-15 Civil Grand Jury published the report “Putting Political Gain Over What’s Right For The County” with findings of official misconduct by the Auditor-Controller and included a recommendation that District Attorney Vern Pierson impanel a Criminal Grand Jury to investigate the Auditor-Controller to determine if Harn should be removed from office.

Download the full text of the 2014-15 El Dorado County Civil Grand Jury Report –

joe harn pay.jpg


Documented evidence proves Joe Harn has repeatedly failed to make authorized payments for reasons of personal and political motivation in violation of California State Penal Code Sections 424 and 425, which are both felonies requiring automatic removal from office and imprisonment in a State penitentiary.

Is El Dorado County Auditor Joe Harn Going to Jail? http://molosyndicate.com/3/1-1643

Public Comment Before the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors on the Civil Grand Jury Report and Joe Harn’s criminal conduct: Opening comments – BOS re GJ report – AC, Harn et al 2015/09/01 https://www.facebook.com/groups/836507819720921/permalink/954295147942187/











Joe Harn continues to fail to protect the fiscal integrity of the County by willfully refusing to prepare a State mandated complete Cost Allocation Plan.


Joe Harn has repeatedly failed to produce and submit required County bill payment disclosure reports to the Board of Supervisors in violation of County Ordinance Code Sections 3.16.130 and 3.16.140, both misdemeanor violations of official duties requiring automatic removal from office.

Former Supervisor Ron Briggs Unloads on County’s Self-Serving Politics http://molosyndicate.com/3/1-1527


After hearing the testimony of numerous witnesses to inappropriate conduct by Joe Harn including: harassment, bullying, and disrespectful conduct towards County employees, vendors, and staff of other agencies, the County Board of Supervisors hired an outside consulting firm at great expense (over $100,000) to try to address this problem.

County Staffer Issues ‘Call to Action’ over Workplace Bully Joe Harn http://www.inedc.com/1-8642

Creating a climate of fear and intimidation with County employees http://www.inedc.com/1-5131


Joe Harn has been a leader in the immoral scheme whereby some County Elected Officials receive non- performance bonuses increasing the amount of both their bloated six figure base salaries and lavish retirement pensions. Shockingly, our investigation into County corruption has found that Harn has been taking huge bonuses for reasons such as simply being re-elected, showing up for work, and possessing the certificates required to hold office (see EDC Bonus Scandal section).

While we thought we are paying Harn only $157,809.60 in annual salary as was advertised to potential candidates seeking the Auditor-Controller office last election cycle, it turns out that Harn is actually taking at least three non-performance bonuses every year. Harn’s first bonus is an extra 13% “re-election bonus” ($20,515.25) for holding his office for twenty years. Harn’s second bonus is another 10% “personal development bonus” ($15,780.96) for having a Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A.) certificate which State law required him to possess in order to hold office when he was first elected in 1994. Harn’s third bonus is another 4.6% bonus in “unused management leave” ($7,355.87) despite the fact that elected officials set their own office hours and suffer no penalty for missing work. According to El Dorado County records, Harn’s 27.6% extra base pay in non-performance bonuses pump-up his annual salary by an additional $43,555.45 up to $200,982.25 and inflates his lavish retirement accordingly. While pretending be a vigilant watchdog protecting us from waste, fraud, and abuse; Joe Harn has been quietly scaming the County payroll and retirement system so well that since July 1, 2000 Harn has pocketed over $500,000 in addition to his advertised six-figure salary (note – EDC could not furnish payroll records prior to 2000).

Supervisor Speaks Out About Pay Bonuses for Electeds http://molosyndicate.com/3/1-230

County Auditor-Controller Overpaid and with Questionable Bonuses http://www.inedc.com/1-4736

Should We “Fire” District Attorney Vern Pierson?



Vern Pierson

Vern Pierson has failed to impanel a Criminal Grand Jury to investigate his political ally Auditor- Controller Joe Harn for official misconduct to determine if Harn should be removed from office as recommended by the 2014-15 Civil Grand Jury in their report “Putting Political Gain Over What’s Right For The County”.

Download the full text of the 2014-15 El Dorado County Civil Grand Jury Report – “Putting Political Gain Over What’s Right For The County” at http://www.edcgov.us/Government/GrandJury/2014-2015_Grand_Jury_Report.aspx

vern pierson pay.jpg


vern pierson protestVern Pierson has refused to prosecute his political ally Joe Harn for repeatedly failing to make authorized payments in violation of California State Penal Code Sections 424 and 425, both felonies requiring automatic removal from office and imprisonment in a State penitentiary. Testimony, documentation, and other evidence of Harn’s misconduct have been publicly provided to the EDC Board of Supervisors.

Is El Dorado County Auditor Joe Harn Going to Jail? 

Read the Story here: http://molosyndicate.com/3/1-1643

Public testimony before the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors on the Civil Grand Jury Report and Joe Harn’s criminal conduct: Opening comments – BOS re GJ report – AC, Harn et al  https://www.facebook.com/groups/836507819720921/permalink/954295147942187/


scandal.jpgVern Pierson has repeatedly abused the power and resources of his elected office to pursue criminal prosecutions and civil litigation against innocent persons and businesses for personal and political reasons, such as, generating career building publicity and punishing political enemies. Long time observers of County government estimate the cost to the County in staff time and courtroom expense wasted because of Pierson’s failed bad faith and malicious prosecutions of innocent citizens has exceeded one million dollars. Predictably, our County is now fighting at least four expensive lawsuits resulting from Pierson’s failed bad faith and malicious prosecutions. Quietly, El Dorado County has paid out millions of dollars more in law suits and settlements to many past victims of Vern Pierson’s abuse.


vern pierson recall effortVern Pierson is a leader in the immoral scheme whereby some County Elected Officials receive non- performance bonuses increasing the amount of both their bloated six figure base salaries and lavish retirement pensions. Shockingly, our investigation into County corruption has found that Pierson has been taking huge bonuses for reasons such as simply being re-elected, showing up for work, and for snooping through County computers and reading messages about the public’s business dealings with the County (see EDC Bonus Scandal section).

Shockingly, our investigation into County corruption has found that while we thought we were only paying Pierson $159,910.32 in annual salary as was advertised to potential candidates seeking the District Attorney office last election cycle, it turns out that Pierson is actually taking at least three non- performance bonuses every year. Pierson’s first bonus is an extra 10% “re-election bonus” ($15,991.03)

for holding his office for over 10 years and his prior years of Amador County government employment. Pierson’s second bonus is another 4.6% of his base salary in “unused management leave” ($7,355.87) each year despite the fact that elected officials set their own office hours and suffer no penalty for missing work. Pierson’s third bonus is for “extra duty” pay ($104.00 per hour) as “County Chief Technology Officer”, thereby gaining access to every County computer and all e-mail messages moving through the County internet system including the Board of Supervisors, County Counsel’s, and Public Defender’s Offices.

According to El Dorado County records, Pierson’s 14.6% extra base pay in non-performance bonuses fattens his annual District Attorney salary by an additional $23,346.91 up to $183,257.23 and inflates his lavish retirement accordingly. Our research has not found any limits upon the number of hours that Pierson can charge the County for (at $104.00 each) when moonlighting as “Chief Technology Officer”.

While pretending to protect us from thieves and other bad people, Vern Pierson has been quietly abusing the County payroll and retirement system so well that since July 1, 2006 Pierson has pocketed an extra $100,000+ from his “extra-duty bonus”, “unused management leave”, and “re-election bonus” in addition to his advertised six-figure salary.


Vern Pierson campaigned very publically for judicial candidate Joe Hoffman in 2014. Despite Pierson’s best efforts, the voters of El Dorado County disagreed and in a landslide loss for Pierson’s choice, elected independent minded Dylan Sylvan as their Judge instead. When Judge Sylvan was assigned to be the principal Judge hearing criminal matters, Pierson chose to use a union style walkout tactic to discredit Judge Sylvan and have his cases hear by more pro-Pierson Judges. Under rarely used California courtroom rules, both sides get one chance to have their case heard before another judge.

Abusing this rule, Pierson directed his staff to file motions to remove Judge Sylvan from hearing each and every case brought by the District Attorney, effectively preventing Judge Sylvan from doing her job of hearing criminal cases.

Bonus Scandal – Bad Judgment?…  Outright Corruption?…  or White-Collar Crime?

In the early 1990’s the County of El Dorado had a problem keeping civil service employees. In 1993 the Board of Supervisors instituted a program whereby civil service employees could receive non- performance bonuses on a progressive scale (5% – 16% of their base salary) for longevity after 10 years of work for our County, and 10% additional salary for professional development by earning specialized credentials such as a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) certificate. Eventually other bonuses were added including 4.6 % extra pay for unused management leave and situation based extra duty pay  following a departmental reorganization. These bonuses were (and continue) to be paid out as a percentage of the employee’s base pay added to his or her salary which also has the added benefit of pumping up their retirement pension as well.

During the summer of 2013 a comparison study of elected officials salaries and benefits posted on California State Treasurer John Chaing’s official website revealed that several El Dorado County elected officials were taking home significantly higher amounts of money than the salaries advertised for their office before they were elected. For example, the published salary voters thought they had paid District Attorney Vern Pierson in 2011 was $159,910.00, actually, Vern Pierson took a fatter annual salary of $174,920.00 and a lavish benefit package of $46,108 for a total taxpayer cost of $221,028.00 in 2011.

Worse, the published salary voters thought they had paid Auditor-Controller Joe Harn in 2011 was listed as $157,810.00, instead, Harn actually grabbed an even larger total salary of $200,106.00 and an increased benefit package of $47,636.00 for a total cost to taxpayers of $247,742.00. Digging further, community researchers soon uncovered the shameful fact that as early as 1994, the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors had ignominiously added elected officials onto the salary resolution authorizing these bonuses for civil service employees.

By late 2013 two influential watchdog organizations the National Tax Limitation Committee and the California Taxpayer Protection Committee joined with local activists to help bring an end to El Dorado County’s shameful Bonus Scandal. On November 18, 2013 then Supervisors Ray Nutting and Ron Briggs authored a long overdue resolution abolishing bonuses for elected officials. The 100 plus citizens who packed the Board Chamber to witness the historic 4-1 vote left with a great sense of civic pride that day. Subsequent news reports lauded the Supervisors for doing the right thing. Every candidate who ran for County office during the 2014 election cycle did so with the expectation that if elected he or she would only be paid the publicly listed salary advertised for the office they sought.

Unfortunately, corruption lives in the souls of people without honor and preys upon men and women without a moral compass. Every incumbent who ran for re-election in 2014 was successful including

Vern Pierson and Joe Harn. Just three weeks before the beginning of their new four year office terms, Supervisor Brian Veerkamp (a close political ally of Harn and Pierson) authored a new resolution restoring these immoral bonuses for his recently re-elected pals. Infamously, on December 9, 2014, Veerkamp’s immoral resolution restoring the corrupt practice of giving non-performance bonuses to elected officials shamefully passed on a 3-2 vote.

It Could Happen To You – True Stories of Malicious Abuse

Joe Harn – Office Bully

I am a CPA, was a Scout Master for the Boy Scouts and a previous employee of El Dorado County. I live in El Dorado County. What I am about to describe about Joe Harn is based on my own experience. One of my duties at the county made it necessary that I work with a woman in Joe Harn’s office on budgets (her name is withheld to protect a victim). While doing this work I found some strange and unusual things had happened in this budget area in the past. After working on this issue for a few weeks I suddenly could no longer get the woman to return my calls. Since I just worked across the street, I walked over to find out why she was not taking my calls. The woman told me Joe had instructed her that I could no longer talk with her. She had been told by Joe Harn that if I came to her office, she was to call him.

Joe Harn (dressed in his usual morning sweats) came right down from his office upstairs and started yelling at me about a variety of nonsense none of which was true. While yelling he came closer and closer pointing a finger in my face. I had never had a conversation with him before this. I was shocked and surprised by this very unprofessional behavior. It was then I realized that the stories might be true that Joe Harn had had a sexual relationship with this woman. I could only guess that he was giving me a message not to mess with his “lady”. My suspicions were confirmed as I found out that this woman had taken a temporary assignment with the Tax Collector’s office during a cooling off period after the relationship with Joe Harn went bad. By the way, this woman was one of the highest paid employees of Joe Harn’s and still is. There have been other women in Joe Harn’s office with whom he has forced a relationship. They are victims. Joe might argue it was their choice, but what do you do when your boss makes you choose between feeding your family and doing what you would never want to do. It is a real shame. In describing this yelling incident to others, I found out that Joe had done the same thing to more than a few people as a way to intimidate them. Also, after this incident, Joe Harn instructed his staff that they were no longer to communicate with me and that I had to go through him personally for all work. When I tried to work directly with Joe, he refused to respond and tried to pressure my boss to fire me, which my boss refused to do. Joe also had a yelling session with my boss to try to intimidate him.

While working at El Dorado County I had many experiences where Joe Harn directed his staff to waste taxpayer’s money by questioning over and over items that were less than $5.00 and re-writing contracts to change one word at the cost of thousands of dollars to us taxpayers. Joe Harn has instructed his staff not to help any other department in financial matters so that he can look like a hero when things fall apart in the various departments so that Joe can claim that he uncovered the problems when in reality he has helped cause the problem by not doing his job to help the departments with training and mentoring.

If you have any trusted friends working at the county who have interaction with Joe Harn, ask them what they think of Joe. You will be surprised that most people see Joe as a major source of wasted money and ineffective government while he forces his agenda on the other leaders and employees of the county. Having spent most of my career in private industry, I was very disappointed that all this was going on in my county.

Chris McCaffree,
CPA Former El Dorado County Employee Fiscal Administrative Manager

Do You Know How Joe Harn Treats Our Firefighters?

At the insistence of Auditor/Controller Joe Harn I agreed to accept a seat on a fire district board that no one else would fill. Unfortunately, Mr. Harn made my four year term very unpleasant. For whatever reason, he had developed a dislike for the district and its staff. During my term, disagreements with Mr.Harn and his staff became almost a weekly occurrence. The parameters of his antagonism stretched from a $32 pair of shoes that were part of a clothing allowance to an effort to withhold $131,000 of Aid to Fire funds. This effort followed an overreaching misinterpretation, on the auditor’s part, of an internal district contract. This game of one-upmanship, on the auditor’s part, created havoc with our budget and set in motion the termination of two paramedic/firefighters, putting the lives and property of our citizens in jeopardy.

The district became accustomed to late or insufficient pay checks, following never ending inquiries and holdups while contracts, that in fact were none of the auditors business, were picked over. Inquiries and clarification of out-of-the-blue changes in the auditors policies and procedures, which applied only to our district, were often answered with, “if you don’t like it, do it yourself” or “ask Joe”. All this foolishness allowed the auditor’s office to shirk some of the services they were required to provide us, not to mention our increased cost to do business with each other. This was, and is, an unnecessary drain of taxpayer’s funds and services.

Mr. Harn saw to it that many of his vindictive issues became fodder for the press and television news requiring many of our board and staff members having to appear multiple times before the Grand Jury. Eventually all these issues were resolved and everyone was paid. This points out that all this unprofessionalism on the auditor’s part was nothing more than ongoing harassment of our district and its staff.

Now I watch the ongoing harassment from Mr. Harn creep into other areas of the county. I could describe in more detail many more antics produced by Mr. Harn, however, this would require innumerable pages. Suffice to say that when you consider that the auditor, while filling the role of treasurer for our fire districts, is required to work under the direction of these district boards, I believe that Mr. Harn has neither the temperament nor the aptitude to maintain this Auditor/Controller position.

We have seen, on the federal level, the use of the IRS to run audit’s on those who do not toe the sitting party line. That having been said, could it be that the harassment and nitpicking, emanating from the auditor’s office, is also being applied to those who have not fallen in line with whatever agenda is on the front burner. It is not required that the auditor, whose legal staff is provided by we the taxpayers, be victorious in his accusations, only that the target suffers a monetary setback and a loss of respect among the citizens.

Mr. Harn’s costly effort to discredit those involved with our “first responders” is a delusion masquerading as a taxpayer’s crusader, when in fact Mr. Harn’s $250,000 income for creating tumult and mistrust amongst our citizens is a taxpayer’s worst nightmare.

R. Smith
Director (Ret.),Garden Valley Fire Protection District

Pierson & Harn – Fraudulently Using Grand Jury To Destroy Political Opponents

Between 2008 and 2010 a local political and government relations consultant, Dan Dellinger, worked on three campaigns for candidates strongly opposed by both District Attorney Vern Pierson and County Auditor-Controller Joe Harn. Despite the best efforts of Pearson and Harn to elect their chosen candidates, all three of Dellinger’s clients won election –

2008   Coalition Building Consultant for Congressional Candidate Tom McClintock

2008   Principal Consultant for Supervisorial Candidate Ray Nutting

2010   Principal Consultant for Sheriff Candidate John D’Agostini

In early 2011 Dellinger project partnered with a local media consultant, Cris Alarcon, to help the cash strapped Pioneer Fire Protection District educate their constituents about the District’s looming financial crisis, assist the District with election related legal filings and procedure compliance, and advise them on passing a parcel tax requiring a 66.67% vote. Due to PFPD’s financial hardships, Dellinger and Alarcon agreed to receive 45% of their fee in late 2011 and the remaining 55% when the new parcel tax revenue would be collected in early 2013. PFPD has an administration services contract with the El Dorado County Auditor-Controller’s Office. Several months into their work for PFPD Auditor-Controller Joe Harn held up their payments due and demanded that Dellinger and Alarcon’s contract with PFPD be re-written.  With Harn’s active collaboration, Dellinger, Alarcon, and the PFPD Board re-wrote the contract and Harn issued the two checks due the consultants in 2011.  Dellinger and Alarcon successfully completed their work.

California State law prohibits government organizations and agencies from spending tax money to expressly advocate for or against candidates or ballot measures. To ensure compliance with State Law, prominent community members formed a Political Action Committee with the Fair Political Practices Commission and raised private money from community donations to pay for election related advocacy.  In November 2011, PFPD’s Measure F passed with nearly 77% of the vote.

In early 2012 Dellinger began working on the election campaign of superior court judge candidate Warren Stracener and soon began appearing as the information contact on official news releases.  Sometime in or around March, 2012 both DA Pearson and A-C Harn publically endorsed Stracener’s opponent, Joseph Hoffman and began actively campaigning on Hoffman’s behalf  Fully aware of Dellinger’s success record against their political friends, Pierson and Harn try to create a scandal to discredit Dellinger and his clients.

In April, 2012 Harn and Person brought allegations against Dellinger before the Civil Grand Jury and threatened to sue both Dellinger and his business partner on the project with the unlimited resources of County Government, for all of the money they earned in 2011 and the balance of PFPD’s debt owed them in 2013, unless he would forfeit his money still owed and lie about violating the law. Dellinger refused their unjust demands. In July 2012, DA Vern Person filed a highly publicized civil suit against Dellinger and Alarcon alleging that they (who were the recipients of Pioneer Fire Protection District money) had somehow expended District funds for express advocacy, funds that can only by dispersed by Auditor- Controller Joe Harn. In addition, DA Pierson strategically chose to bring this unjust lawsuit under a State Code Section that pretty much prevents victims of false litigation from recovering their legal expenses defending themselves against a government agency – even if they prevail over the District Attorney in court.

Judge Stracener was elected in November 2012. Person and Harn’s manufactured scandal plan did not elect their political friend but it has proved exceptionally costly for Dellinger to continue his legal defense while driving potential clients away.

UPDATE – DA Pierson Loses Soviet-style Show Trial

Despite legal maneuvering by District Attorney Vern Pierson to indefinitely delay Dellinger’s trial and force Dellinger to pay for all of the court jury costs, trial finally began on May 20, 2014. During the highly publicized trial all of the witnesses called by the DA’s top two prosecutors assigned to ruin Dellinger testified to Dellinger’s innocence, as well as, five witnesses contradicted Auditor-Controller Joe Harn’s false testimony. After spending two years and an estimated $100,000-$250,000 of public money on a three day Soviet-style show trial to “recover” $10,000 paid Dellinger & Alarcon and prevent them from receiving a further $12,000 due for their successfully completed work, a jury of 5 women and 7 men took just 47 minutes to clear Dellinger and Alarcon of any wrongdoing in a unanimous 12-0 not liable vindication verdict on all allegations!

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